Grupo Empresarial STERNA GROUP has more than 10 years of experience in the Colombian market and is made up of two companies called AGENCIA DE ADUANAS SIGLO 21 S.A.S. NIVEL 2 and SOLUCIONES INTEGRALES LOGISCOMEX S.A.S. Our group is an Integral Logistic Operator that advises and offers all the services of the supply chain. We can proudly say today that we have the credibility and support of our strategic partners, in addition to the extensive experience acquired by our managers, who have worked in the field of foreign trade for more than twenty years.

Sterna Group brought to market in 2016 its own brand called B-ONE, in which it harbors very high quality food products, B-ONE, is a Valle Caucana brand that has products made in our own department such as: Water Mineral Spring, Organic Coffee and Gourmet Coffee,

B-one born for the need to ensure our customers a better way to take care of health, as each of the products is made with highly selected raw material minimizing the addition of any type of chemical that may be harmful


B-one wishes to be the best producer and marketer of food, wishing to improve the way of feeding of the human being. Every product is elaborated with the highest standards of warmth minimizing any type of chemical that can be harmful to health, being part from the Sterna Group business group we will optimize the total costs of the supply chain of all its operations, simplifying and making the most of the resources, allowing them to focus on the strategic aspects of their business.

We have highly qualified and specialized personnel to meet the needs of our customers in the different sectors of the chain, our information systems allow them to have absolute control of all orders that are made


By the year 2020, B-ONE will be a leader with an important presence in Colombia and abroad, where it will grow replicating the variety of high quality foods to the entire region of South America, Central and North America. We plan to open branches in different countries making us even more competitive in the food chain, thus providing the following benefits:

– Proximity when purchasing products

– Looking for ways to help consumers consume high quality foods to improve their health.

– Our goal is to help people with their health care, improving in some way the products they consume at more affordable prices.


In B-ONE we have procedures that mark the optimal line of work, making the companies in the group with a high level of consolidation in the market, through a philosophy of service and quality verified. We have strategic allies recognized and certified, this adhesion guarantees knowledge and implementation of the code of ethics, which includes principles such as respect for our legal framework, free competition, commitment to quality, confidentiality, among others.

For B-ONE, the care of the environment is essential in each and every one of the activities we carry out, based on the precautionary principle, and with a great effort to minimize the negative impacts. For this, we have acquired the commitment to develop these activities, with the utmost respect for the protection of the environment, continuously improving our environmental policies and offering quality assurance in all our processes.

We practice a Subcontracting Policy based on fundamental principles of Transparency, Quality in the provision of Services, Non-exclusivity and equal opportunities, Respect for labor regulations, in general and in particular for compliance with the rules on Occupational Risk Prevention , with the purpose of building a solid bilateral base in our relations with our Human resource and service providers.


In B-ONE, we have security processes, developing logistics solutions according to the needs of our clients and legal requirements, safeguarding our products from the washing of assets and illicit substances, with emphasis on the continuous improvement of the system’s efficiency.

We ensure highly reliable and effective processes, thanks to the good security practices implemented by each of our partners, based on its Comprehensive Security and Quality Management System. This system guarantees an adequate treatment for our clients, both internal and external.



We are honest in our daily behavior, both in the relationship with our customers, suppliers and co-workers.


We encourage the search for new products, focused on the efficiency and satisfaction of our customers


We have the knowledge of the subjects, which are responsible, we share it and we show constant interest in continuing to perfect it, as well as excellence in our work.


We align our personal objectives with those of our organization, and we commit ourselves to fulfill them effectively.

Customer orientation

We have the attitude of always being close to our customers and anticipating their needs, seeking to maintain excellent relationships with them.


We promote the achievement of objectives based on collaboration and teamwork, cooperating with the people that make up the company.


We share our ideas and feelings, we listen and we understand others, in this way we can understand what the company needs and we contribute our experience for its growth.